Friday, November 27, 2009


Until now I have had plenty of ideas how I can share my experience and knowledge about GNU/Linux and at the same time learn new things and develop my skills with open source . Many times I thought I will never blog. I am the old-fashioned geek and I love the way we did this some time ago with my friends joining IRC channels spending hours chatting about bits and bytes ;)
But here it is. Let's try at least.
I think to write here from time to time about this and that. You probably won't find here deep tech guides or extensive how-to but rather my private notes how I did some things and how I fixed something... or not ;) All about my experience with GNU/Linux  on daily basis and my way through this extreme phenomenon called open source world.
I will not write on regular basis and will not even try. It is just for fan... so relax and enjoy ;)

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