Friday, January 29, 2010

Fedora Software Update

This is how you can quickly update your Fedora operating system.
If you are logged into your graphical user session, (Gnome is a default Fedora desktop environment):

1. Press Alt+F2 to lunch Run Application.

2. Type in gnome-terminal and press Run button.

3. In terminal window type in:
a) su -c 'yum check-update' - to check for available updates
b) type in root password when prompted
c) su -c 'yum update' - to download and install available updates
d) type in root password when prompted

4. Press Ctrl-D or type in exit in a terminal window once update completed.

You can also update your Fedora system in Gnome by selecting System -> Administration -> Software Update from the panel.

If you are logged into your text console just run the commands from a) and c) as above.

Tip: If you would like to know more about yum (Yellowdog Updater Modified) open terminal as explained above and type in man yum to read yum manual.

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